To re-dream means trying to resume the dream you've been removed from. And this pretty much describes what we want the audience to feel.

Redream is not a production company, though we do possess the expertise and techical stuff needed, but think of us as a collective of authors with strong work ethics regarding the projects we choose to engage in.

The core of our pack is built up of two units: Alan Torn, writing director, and Nathan Ernst, writing cinematorgrapher.

Torn is the leader of the pack and a natural born control freak, so he was bound to train himself in every single aspect of producing visual stuff from ground zero. He insists on seeing through the whole process — he writes, puts together storyboards, cinematics, moodboards, contributes to production and sound design, functions as a creative director, edits the footage together with his long time co-author Ernst, dials the color in and so much on.

We never delegate any part of the process outside of the inner circle of tried and tested collaboratos. Because the secret stands: any of the mentioned aspects, and many more for that matter, IS directing. So it's either a co-author and brother (or sister) in blood you can delegate your work to or no one at all.